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Enjoy Superior Speed with SSD Linux Hosting for your website

It is our pleasure to announce that we have upgraded our Linux Hosting to faster SSD [Solid State Drive] based servers.


Solid State Drive offers advantage over hard disk in their ability to access data electronically instead of electro-mechanically, resulting in superior transfer speeds. This means that there should be an overall improvements in the speed.

For More information visit :

Furthermore we have  also added support for Mod Page Speed on the new server.

Now Available Faster SSD & mod_pagespeed Linux Hostingmod_pagespeed is an open-source Apache module which automatically applies web performance best practices to pages, and associated assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) without requiring you to modify your existing content or workflow.

For More information visit:

This upgrade has been provided to all our existing Linux Hosting clients completely FREE OF CHARGE and all our existing Linux Hosting accounts have been upgraded seamlessly to the new server.

Antasoft strives to provide best of the services to its clients and will keep them updated with the latest advancements.

Check out this space for more updates!

A Unique Automated Web Publishing Experiment – Must Read

Around Jan 2011 we started an experiment of setting up automatic web publishing mechanism. We started this by focusing building sites on Jobs, Shopping and Hotel categories.  With the power of our Automation Engine we were able to launch a little over 1500 websites in above categories.

Automatic Domain Activation Control Panel

Our automation engine took advantage of various free available products and affiliate feeds and it generated automatic sites around them. For this experiment, we also designed a Control Center from which each site deployment took place. This control center was automated enough to host and deploy website from a single location but was also instrumental in updating all the sites at once from a single click.

The more amazing aspect of this whole experiment was that these sites were deployed using Popular blogging software WordPress. We developed custom themes and custom plugins to accomplish this task.  Wordpress is already a powerful CMS and with our custom Plugins and Theme,  it became a powerful automatic publishing platform too. The reason we used WordPress was that we wanted to update our sites with custom blogs in Future.

The main revenue stream of these sites were Advertisements and affiliate incomes.

We successfully deployed this experiment on approx 1500 exact match domains and as we began to gain momentum with traffic, suddenly a newly launched Google algorithm hit us very hard and our traffic graph touched the ground in no time.

We will be soon publishing a case study on individual verticals in our case studies section.



Voyants Website – Newer & Better

Antasoft has successfully launched a refresh and exhaustive corporate website of Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd. !

Voyants Solutions Corporate Website Image

Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Infrastructure Consultant and Project Management Consultancy in India which has its wings spread all over the world, and thus required its presence to be felt accordingly.

An entirely new concept was put in and with a new design and functions, Antasoft team designed Voyants Solutions corporate website in latest technology of WordPress CMS. As the main attraction of the new website, this now features many sections in dual languages English and French both – which can be easily switched with just a single click.

The site extensively provide Voyant’s corporate, management info along with detailed services being offered by Voyants in the domestic as well as International market. The newly launched website now also highlights numerous projects implemented and completed by Voyants across the world in different verticals.

This website was launched in the gracious presence of Voyant’s CEO  and is going to help Voyant’s team to swiftly and easily update their upcoming projects and services by using a power CMS in form of WordPress.

The website is live at

Job Openings for Php Developers

Antasoft is hiring PHP  Developers for various projects. We are Hiring / PHP Developers The Candidate must possess excellent analytical and programming skills.  Candidates will be selected based on their creativity and dedication for their work.

Basic Requisites

• Minimum 6 months of  experience in developing web applications.

• Experience in developing Web Applications in PHP – MySQL

The Candidate must have sound knowledge of Open Source projects such as WordPress; Opencart etc.

Must be aware of latest advancements in web technologies and should have basic knowledge of Php Frameworks.

Interns May Also Apply

Antasoft will also appreciate new talent who will be groomed with expert brains of the company. We would be happy to welcome fresh brains and Company would also remunerate the deserving candidates for sharing their workhours with it.

How to Apply

Interested candidates with the above mentioned credentials should immediately apply at [email protected] or call Indore Office @ 0731-4268799, 9300454321 to fix an appointment for the Interview.

Antasoft is Hiring Talented Web Designer

We are Hiring
Antasoft is looking to hire talented Web Designer. We are looking to hire a candidate who is creative and passionate about his work and is open to new ideas and trends. The designer is expected to have minimum experience of six months and must posses a sound knowledge of Web Designing Tools and Table Less Designs.  Additional knowledge of Open Source projects such as WordPress and Joomla will be an added bonus in screening interview.

Basic Requisites

  • Good Knowledge of Web Designing Tools such as HTML, DHTML, CSS, Graphics etc.
  • Experience designing  Table less Websites
  • Experience designing  Responsive Websites
  • Experience in designing WordPress Themes
  • Good command over  JavaScript

Interns May Also Apply

As we have always appreciated new talent and groomed numerous interns under experts of the company. We would also be happy to welcome fresh talent and would also remunerate the deserving candidates for sharing their workhours with us.

How to Apply

Interested candidates with the above mentioned credentials should apply at   [email protected] or call our office phone numbers 0731-4268799, 4268206, 9300454321 and fix an appointment for an interview.

About Antasoft Technologies

Antasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading web solutions provider with over 500 clients worldwide and currently manages over 2000+ domains.

Antasoft bags Fruitz Koncepts Contract

Fruitz Koncepts India Antasoft Technologies Pvt Ltd today finalized an agreement with Fruitz Koncepts India Pvt. Ltd. to deliver a High End, International level Online Web Store (e-commerce site) with a Unique Point of Sale (POS) Solution for its upcoming stores, One of its kind Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system along with exhaustive Franchisee Management Tools and many more features for Fruitz Koncept’s smooth operations. Antasoft will be the exclusively provider for this solution.

* Fruitz Koncepts India Pvt. Ltd. is the first company in India to bring a Unique Koncept of Fresh fruit Bouquets – 100% edible bouquets made from Fresh and Exotic Fruits, with its current operations in Delhi/NCR.

* Antasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading web solutions provider with over 500 clients worldwide and currently manages over 2000+ domains.

Your Answer to WEBSITE DESIGNING in Indore is here…

Dear Indore,

Web Designing
Your search for most unique and state-of-the-art website designing is finally over!! Antasoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. – a leading website designing company in Indore, with its exhaustive experience in the highly-techno area of website designing is bringing cool new designs and templates especially for its esteemed clients in Indore.


Antasoft understands that Getting your business to the millions of customers sitting across the world can only happen when it becomes online ! You are then just a click away!! This is to get an edge over your competitors and taking a lion’s share in your market sphere – whether business is just taking its shape or has already established its roots in the market…


A website never sleeps – so doesn’t your business!


Antasoft’s services for Website Designing in Indore will make your website the most authentic route for turning the wheels of information and business uninterruptedly – even when you sleep!


With its professional designers and programmers, Antasoft’s website designing in Indore will create a window for you to bring ease to your customer and potential clientele to know about your services in quick clicks with most easy navigation.


Web Designing
In today’s time, when people are working “ONLY ONLINE”, your business can reach to an unthinkable success if you give a new look and feel to your business through our well customized website designing plans. It’s a high time when you would stand in the same sphere of B2B marketing and compete… Choose for a unique style of your own website for your own business!


Once you decide you need a Web site – it’s time to let us know!


Antasoft shall be pleased to assist you in deciding which outlook and system would suit your business in the best possible manner in most competitive prices. ,. Be very careful while searching for any other website designing company in Indore as a poorly designed Website will only create a negative marketing for your business, giving an impression of low affair business with you. BUT incase you have already chosen wrong services we are there to help you out in every possible way as we have already done the same for many of our clients successfully.


While looking for website designing company in Indore one should know first what exactly are their requirements, what does their business needs and then select a professional and experienced company which we assure you that only Antasoft can bring you the best solutions for.


A leading website designing company in Indore, -Antasoft Technologies have the skills and commitments to make your dream turn into  reality with its creative and talented website designing team. . Antasoft has huge experience in working with diversified business domains right from Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Travel, Food Services, Hotel and Catering and not stopping here, We have the skills to turn your entire online venture into a huge success.


We – a  leading web site designing company in Indore is committed to provide KIQQ (read Kick) to your business ”Kreative, Innovative , Quick & Quality” Website Design Solutions, Web Development, E-Commerce Web Applications and many more, etc.  at most affordable and competitive prices in Indore. We are one of the best website designing company in Indore and it will be proved once you take our services too.


Look forward to seeing you grow!



Best regards,


Antasoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.

We are Hiring Interns !


At Antasoft Technologies  we are looking for ambitious and enthusiastic individuals seeking challenging position. As our product spectrum is expanding and customer database is rapidly growing, we are in need of talented individuals who are interested in joining our team and help our company reach new heights.

Antasoft Technologies

We have always appreciated new talent and groomed numerous interns under experts of the company. Internship with us is going to help all those new developing brains who want to build up their careers in the field of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Website Design. We would be happy to welcome such talents and would also remunerate the deserving candidates for sharing their workhours with us.

So, Don’t wait anymore to get your “Fresher”status changed to “Experienced” and contact us with your updated CV and recent photograph on [email protected] today! in a new Avtaar

New look, easy navigation, deeper content, easier accessibility- we’ve completely redeveloped and  redesigned to help you to find the information you need. The new version of the website

will go live on the 1st December.

AntasoftThe new, simpler navigation and improved design of Antasoft technologies new website helps you on your journey through the website and provides you with quick and direct access to the information you are looking for.

After having served the software industry for over a decade now, a need for an improved website was felt and thus it was in consideration since long. Mr.Anant Sharma the CEO of Antasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd said: The launch of our new,improved website has been a long time in consideration, so we’re very much pleased to announce that it has finally taken shape and will be live soon.

Our rapid expansion plans are grounded on the belief that success is fostered by top quality products and services. We aim to become the leading name in the software and website designing industry. Thus this is an attempt to provide better services to our customers.

With our new corporate website people will not only find the relevant information but they will also be able to make orders online. The governing principle in this redesign has been to provide users with ready access to relevant informationwhile eliminating redundancies; the interface is more users friendly And simpler to navigate.