Case Studies

Bawangaja Tirth Reservation Application


Bawangaja is a place in the heart of India i.e. Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the peaks of The Satpura Ranges. Here in the centre of Satpura at a height of approximately 4000ft stands an idol of the founder of Jainism the first Tirthankar Rishabh Dev, carved on a single stone. This place is known as Bawangaja. Here, there is a Jain festival every 12 years, where thousands of people come to participate. A lot of accommodation and parking facilities have to be arranged whenever the festival is arranged. Each family has to be given accommodation and some parking space.

Basic Preliminaries required

  • Record of the personal details of the people going to stay in the colonies.
  • The details of the people like Full Name, Address, Contact Number, the cottage demanded and their duration of stay had to be entered in the database.
  • Reservation of accommodation for the people who will stay in the colonies.
  • A Reservation Counter was required at the beginning with the server, Administrator PC and 5 other PC’s for the reservation of the accommodation to be provided to the visitors.
  • There were certain colonies set up for the accommodation of the people. A PC in every colony was required to fetch the details of the visitors living in that particular colony. It would even provide the Personal Details, Allocation Details and the facility to make complains.
  • Kalash Allocation
  • The type of Kalash to be allocated to the visitors according to the donation they had made.
  • Parking Facility
  • A parking Counter was set up which needed a PC which would reserve a parking sector for that vehicle according to the vehicle type and the time period of that parking reservation.
  • Complaint System
  • 2 PC’s at the top were required where the main program was to be held, where any Person Enquiry, Allocation Details and the facility to make complain had to be provided.

Obstacles Faced

  • As the region was a mountain terrain, so it was not possible to setup a Local Area Network, or any of that kind, in that particular region which would connect the PC’s to the database and the Server.
  • Software which could intelligently enter details of the visitors into the database which could be accessible to all PC’s and would be user-friendly.

Solution Provided

Flow Chart

The Flow of Actual Software

  • We certainly came with an idea of a setting up a Web Server with public IP and host a Web based
    application (Website) to facilitate:
  • Accommodation Status
  • Visitor Search
  • Complain System

This Web model was completely independent of the application and could be accessed via public IP which would host our web based application.

  • A web based application in asp, which could be accessed by all PC’s through the wireless Internet available.
  • Software in which provided
  • Parking Slip generation
  • Visitor registration and accommodation
  • Kalash allocation


Main Screen of the Software

Check in Screen of the Software

Parking slip printing screen of the software

We provided support engineer on site location for 20 days to manage the software.