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Fruitz Koncepts E-Commerce Website


Fruitz Koncepts is predominantly an Indian firm dealing in Fresh Fruit Bouquets. Fresh Fruit Bouqets are beautiful assortments of fruits in various appearances. Fresh Fruit Bouquets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also add to the nutritional value. Fruitz Koncepts is the first firm dealing in such a product in India providing customers with Fresh Fruit Bouquets consisting of exotic fruits which are a fit for various special occasions such as corporate parties, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or festive presents adding uniqueness to them.

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Basic Preliminaries Requirements

Visitor’s View

  • A website through which a customers could order Fresh Fruit Bouquet online. The web application should have a product gallery of Fruits Bouquets portraying the aesthetic value of the product.
  • Customers could select the Fruit Bouquet from the product gallery, containing description about the ingredients, nutritional value and price.
  • Each bouquet would have different size options such as Jumbo Size, Medium and Small , the price range displayed according to size.
  • User could select desired bouquet size and would have to provide required Delivery date, Delivery Time and Quantity of Bouquet.
  • After proceeding with date, time and Quantity inquiry, The user would be required to enter Billing and Delivery Address for the delivery of Bouquet.
  • After the Address has been provided, user is required to select the payment Mode i.e. Pay on Delivery or Online Payment. After submitting all the requirements, E-mail would be dispatched addressed to the user confirming the order.


Flow Chart of User Panel


Admin Panel

  • Product Management Liberty to Add, Edit and Delete Fruit Bouquets information such as name, size, price, image and Description.
  • Add Banner Image which would be displayed on Home Page.
  • List of All Products present in the catalogue.
  • Order Details via Search Option:- Pending Orders, Completed order’s and Cancelled Orders.
  • Option for displaying the order scheduled for the present date .


Product page


Product page

Solution Provided

  • Antasoft Technologies provided web application which satisfies all the basic preliminaries requirement provided. In this, user can see the catalogs which include different types of available flavor or options, along with its contents and prices.
  • Users are required to select their favorite fresh fruit bouquet from available fruit bouquets. User is provided with choice of fresh fruit bouquet size like medium, jumbo or small. For delivery, user has to provide delivery date & time.
  • User could pay online via Debit Card, Credit Card or Online Banking & could also pay cash on delivery. For delivery user would have to provide Shipping address and billing address.
  • This website was developed using PHP as front end and MySql Database in backend.


We provided wordpress blog for Fruit Koncepts .word press is the most popular blogging platform present .We customized the word press blog to Fruit Koncept’s needs.

A blog would help the firm to get feedback from customers and keep the costumers updated with new products and services adding uniqueness to the service provided by fruit concepts.

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