Case Studies

Gwalior Forest Products – Enterprise Management System


The Gwalior Forest Products Ltd established in 1942 is one of the leading manufacturers of Herbal, Nutraceutical and Phytochemical extracts in India. Located near the picturesque town of Shivpuri in central India they procure a large range of natural, organic raw materials.

Basic Preliminaries required

  • GFP Herbals required a Enterprise Management System to simplify their working procedure. All their paper work should be converted in to electronic data like their Requisitions to store department (Requests for Materials along with all the details), Technical information sheets for Lab Department (The sheets should consist of all the technical details of the material for testing), Batch Register No. for Production department, All types of Indents goes to different departments, All Purchase order to/from suppliers/customers with details to be managed.
  • They wanted a record of their inventory, stocks through which they could track down all their raw materials and finished goods.
  • They wanted a track of the consumption of their raw materials such as chemicals, herbals and fuel consumed in the production of a finished good.
  • They had a large amount of machinery installed, for which they wanted a system to keep the status of the machineries updated check for faults and ensure it is working fine.
  • They required a notice board facility which would be shown immediately after the user login and the notices displayed according to the user.

Challenges Conquered:-

GFP Chalanges


Obstacles Faced

  • A software that would easily help to co-ordinate between different departments.
  • The software should be able to generate reports that are connected to the records and technical details of various departments and should be user-friendly.
  • The users there were not equipped with computers and not well acquainted with  working with the system. It was difficult for them to change their working style from paper work to electronic data.

Solution Provided

  • Antasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Provided a desktop based application which automated their Management without any paper-work. The application contained their various departments (Modules) as per the requirements.
  • We provided a Notice Board facility to communicate urgent and important matters between different departments. The Notice Board would be displayed immediately after the user login into the system by passing through authentication.
  • GFP Herbal had many departments under them. There was a procedure followed by them to track down the progress and the status of raw materials (Herbals), chemicals, finished goods etc. But the procedure was very much time consuming as there was a lot of paper work to be done before passing it to another department but with the software the paper work was converted into electronic data which was quick and efficient procedure and inturn helped in saving a lot of time.
  • With the reporting system of the software the user would easily get the status of stocks, status of Purchase Order, Accounting etc. with just a single click. For Ex:- In the Stock Reports there are many filter criteria like date wise view, monthly view, yearly view etc. These reports contained the detailed information of the raw materials / chemicals provided by the Store to the various departments for production / testing of products / raw materials / chemicals.

Below mentioned is a List of all the Reports

Store Reports

Purchase Order Supplier Report

C-Forms To Supplier

Outstanding Supplier List

Re Order Level Report

Item Wise Stock Report

Stock Report

Item Receiving Report

Purchase Order Item Report

Quotation Report

Lab Reports


Research Development Report

Control Sample Status Report

Calibration Sheet Report

TI Sheet Department Wise

Batch Register Report

Reagent  Solution preparation Report

Lab Ti Sheet By Department

Certificate Of Analysis Report

Production Reports

Equipment Information Report

Daily Production Report

Fuel Consumption Report

Blending Sheet Report

Plant Consumption Report

Production Statement

Available Batch

Chemical Solvent Consumption Report

Statement Of WIP

Production Reports


Invoice Direct Report

Invoice Domestic Report

Invoice Merchant  Report

Outstanding Customer List

Customers Pending  Orders

Average Purchase Report

C-Form From Customer

Electricity Consumption Report

Vat Report For Purchase

Statement of Sale on C-Form

Statement of Sale

Statement of Sale on H-Form

Tax Report

Sales Report

Statement Of Sale Item Wise

Dispatch Register

Statement Of Finish Good

Account  Reports

Specification To Production Department

We provided support engineer on site location for 45 days to manage the software.