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Antasoft’s Background

Antasoft Technologies was set up with a vision to create and develop World class IT products. The idea was formed while working on “Antagraf” -A Graphics Library Project.

Antagraf was a high performace graphics SDK designed in “C++ and Assembly” which provided tools to Graphic Developers to develop GUI based applications and games in MS-DOS. Antagraf was unique in its ability as it featured multi-tasking, sound playback system, hi-resolution graphics and Mouse interface in C++ applications itself. This was in the year 1997-98.

In 2000 Anant Sharma with his friends set up Antasoft Technologies; which was a self financed project aimed at delivering IT solutions, Our first clients were school students who required software applications for their projects designed in C++. Some of these projects harnessed the power of Antagraf, which also provided special effects in their school projects. The first remuneration we got was Rs 100 (Approx $ 2)

AntasoftLater in the same year, the group launched its own website “”; a portal designed for the growing interest in the world of  “WORLD WIDE WEB”” was one of earliest portals designed on Gwalior city. It had a tremendous response in terms of clients to sign up to display their advertisement on the portal. This further led to various orders from clients to develop Websites and Applications for them.

Since 2004, Antasoft Technologies has a consistent Revenue and Growth record. Antasoft Technologies is also developing Intellectual Technologies which are currently being implemented in the various projects.

Since 2004, Antasoft Technologies began its focus more on Enterprise web based application development with automated technologies developed earlier. Technologies such as SMS and IP based solutions have enabled us to deliver state of art solutions to our clients.

Apart from custom based solutions, Antasoft Technologies is still focused and dedicated on Product Development and has developed many online web products, these web based applications are the future focus of the company. Projects such as and Do Job Search have been quite well accepted by the target market.

Today Antasoft Technologies boasts of managing over 2000 domains and have worked with over 500+ clients worldwide.