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Siddharth Jain

Non Executive Chairman



Siddharth Jain is a Non Executive Chairman of Antasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. An accomplished businessman with an extensive practical business experience, Siddharth serves on the company’s board and oversees company’s overall direction, financial matters, including corporate governance, government affairs and ensures smooth functioning of the organization.



Siddharth joined Antasoft Technology Pvt. Ltd. in 2010, and since then he has been instrumental in steering the company to reach a successful position by providing his valuable guidance to the company’s executive team. There by leading the company towards rapid expansion and development of new products and services.


Apart from Antasoft, Siddharth is partner in Kataria Carrying Corporation; KCC is India’s leading logistics, warehouse & transport organization with more than 300 employees and a fleet of over 150 vehicles. Siddharth is also a professional domainer, and owns more than 1500 domains in his portfolio. A very active investor in stock market, Siddharth maintains a very active portfolio.


Siddharth is an ambitious entrepreneur with a track record of successfully combining his technology vision with market opportunities. His strength lies in reviewing new market movements closely and anticipating them. Siddharth holds a M.B.A degree from Jiwaji University and is a successful entrepreneur.