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Working With Us

At Antasoft we are always looking creative-technical individual who can project themselves individually and can work in a team having a common goal. We believe in exploring each individual’s talents in a way never thought before, if you work with us you will be a part of a team that loves playing with new technologies, new ideas and concepts. And aiding
people in discover the amazing power of Word wide web and all the things they can do with it.

Photo of Office 1 –> Antasoft’s corporate office is situated in Indore, India. Indore is financial capital of Madhya Pradesh India, A fast growing city with good infrastructure and good housing. Indore is also known as Mini-Mumbia.
(Some More stuff about Indore).

How Can you Join

There are three primary areas where you can Join :

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a)  Development — > Link to Developmental Jobs (Perhaps with a Photo)

b) Office Administration – > Link with a photo

c) Marketing  –> Link to Marketing Jobs (With Photo)