We are Hiring
Antasoft is looking to hire talented Web Designer. We are looking to hire a candidate who is creative and passionate about his work and is open to new ideas and trends. The designer is expected to have minimum experience of six months and must posses a sound knowledge of Web Designing Tools and Table Less Designs.  Additional knowledge of Open Source projects such as WordPress and Joomla will be an added bonus in screening interview.

Basic Requisites

  • Good Knowledge of Web Designing Tools such as HTML, DHTML, CSS, Graphics etc.
  • Experience designing  Table less Websites
  • Experience designing  Responsive Websites
  • Experience in designing WordPress Themes
  • Good command over  JavaScript

Interns May Also Apply

As we have always appreciated new talent and groomed numerous interns under experts of the company. We would also be happy to welcome fresh talent and would also remunerate the deserving candidates for sharing their workhours with us.

How to Apply

Interested candidates with the above mentioned credentials should apply at   [email protected] or call our office phone numbers 0731-4268799, 4268206, 9300454321 and fix an appointment for an interview.

About Antasoft Technologies

Antasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading web solutions provider with over 500 clients worldwide and currently manages over 2000+ domains.