Around Jan 2011 we started an experiment of setting up automatic web publishing mechanism. We started this by focusing building sites on Jobs, Shopping and Hotel categories.  With the power of our Automation Engine we were able to launch a little over 1500 websites in above categories.

Automatic Domain Activation Control Panel

Our automation engine took advantage of various free available products and affiliate feeds and it generated automatic sites around them. For this experiment, we also designed a Control Center from which each site deployment took place. This control center was automated enough to host and deploy website from a single location but was also instrumental in updating all the sites at once from a single click.

The more amazing aspect of this whole experiment was that these sites were deployed using Popular blogging software WordPress. We developed custom themes and custom plugins to accomplish this task.  Wordpress is already a powerful CMS and with our custom Plugins and Theme,  it became a powerful automatic publishing platform too. The reason we used WordPress was that we wanted to update our sites with custom blogs in Future.

The main revenue stream of these sites were Advertisements and affiliate incomes.

We successfully deployed this experiment on approx 1500 exact match domains and as we began to gain momentum with traffic, suddenly a newly launched Google algorithm hit us very hard and our traffic graph touched the ground in no time.

We will be soon publishing a case study on individual verticals in our case studies section.