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Cheetah SMS Server

About Cheetah SMS Server Line

Cheetah SMS Server is software developed for sending and receiving SMS (Short Message) from your computer. Cheetah boasts of various other features such as Address Book Management, Scheduler, Support for Excel Files and Above all inbuilt Auto Reply System to automate your sending and receiving tasks. Cheetah is available in different versions for CDMA and GSM technologies.

Cheetah SMS Server


Features of Cheetah SMS Server

Cheetah can be used for: Sending Bulk / Mass SMS with ease Right Sending SMS in Groups Right Sending SMS via Microsoft Excel File Right Receiving SMS and Storing them on Computer Right Delete incoming messages automatically from Sim Right Sending Auto Reply for SMS Received Right Scheduling SMS to be broadcasted on Certain date and time Right Saving Messages in Message Template for future use Right View Reports for incoming SMS Right View Reports for outgoing SMS and their success Right Access to Cheetah Database for customization

Applications of Cheetah SMS Server

There are wide varieties of applications that Cheetah SMS Server can provide:

  • Marketing by sending Mass SMS
  • Marketing for Election Campaign
  • Sending Alerts and Information to Customers
  • Sending Automatic Information on Receiving SMS
  • Storing Received SMS
  • Running a Poll


Application Development Using Cheetah SMS Server Technology

Cheetah SMS Server can be customized according to client’s requirements. It could be re-programmed to function as enterprise level application which can be tied together with existing enterprise / business framework and to function with harmony with existing applications running at client’s end. Some examples of above approach are:

  • Send automatic alerts
  • Send Automatic P.O. Information to registered users
  • Send Automatic Indent details to registered users
  • Send Automatic Birthday greetings to people in organization
  • Send Salary information as auto reply when queried
  • Send product dispatch information
  • Automate Order Booking Process
  • Send Results information to registered student on his mobile
  • Send Student Attendance record to registered parents
  • Collect registered users opinions Etc…


Developer Tools

Software developers who are interested in using Cheetah GSM and CDMA Technology for sending and receiving SMS can use Cheetah’s Developer Engine. Cheetah’s Developer Engine is an executable file which runs in background and will allow developers to send and receive SMS. The application provides the developers with “Send” and “Receive”  folders. In send folder the developer can put a text file containing details about the SMS to be broadcasted. In the receive folder the developer can fetch any incoming SMS present in text file format.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements to run Cheetah SMS Server are:

  1. Pentium Celeron 700 MHz Server
  2. 80 Mb Free Disk Space
  3. 128 Mb Ram
  4. Windows 98


Installing Cheetah is a piece of cake. The setup program will guide the user in installing the software on the PC.

Running Cheetah SMS Server

After Cheetah SMS Server is successfully installed on the Computer; the user will see this following screen.

Cheetah 1st Screen

The top menu tabs contains the various screens of the Cheetah SMS Server by default the start screen is the Send SMS. On the left panel tree view, user can see the various numbers in his / her address book organized group wise. When a user right clicks on the selected name the mobile number corresponding to that name is automatically added into the Mobile Number Box. Similarly when the user right clicks on the Group Name the group is added to the Mobile number box. The user can even type a mobile number himself in the Mobile Number Box. Each mobile number / group name should be followed by a comma. Ex: 9826012345, 9926112345. Please note that the mobile number should not be longer than 10 digits. Messages that are to be sent should be typed into the message box and the maximum message length should not exceed 140 characters. Users can also select pre saved messages from the Saved Message box. When a user double clicks on the message in Saved Message box the message will automatically come in the Message Box and the user will not have to type the message. User can also attach excel files for sending SMS. The excel file should only contain the Mobile Numbers for sending SMS. The Excel file should contain only single sheet with the first row containing the mobile numbers. Pressing the Send SMS button will start broadcasting the messages. When SMS broadcasting message is underway other operations such as scheduler, receive SMS etc will be stopped until the process has finished.

Address Book

Address Book of Cheetah

 Feeding data into address book is very simple. The user is required to Add New Group first For adding a new group simply type the Group Name into the Group Name box in Add / Edit / Remove Group section and press the save group button. A new group will be created. After that simply fill the text boxes i.e. Details in the Add / Edit / Remove Contact section. Please note that you are required to fill name and mobile number and mobile number should not be more than 10 digits.

Auto Reply

Auto Replay

 This is a very useful feature of Cheetah SMS Server; it allows the user to set automatic reply message in case of receive message matches the criteria. Ex: if some one sends a message abc then he will get a reply back as Reply back abc. In case the user wants that every message received should send a reply back message then he will have to set the Incoming trigger text as default. Making an auto reply trigger is very simple; user just has to fill two boxes; first the incoming trigger text on which user wants to send the reply back and the outgoing reply which the user wants to send.

Receive SMS

Recieve SMS

 This allows users to receive SMS on their computer; the SMS are fetched from GSM device and are then entered into database. Viewers can see the actual number of SMS received in Single Operation; furthermore they can access the database directly and view the Receive SMS table and organize / export data according to their need.

Saved Messages

Saved Messages

 This feature allows users to save the messages and keep them for the further use and reference of the user.


Scheduler of Cheetah

 This page allows the user to schedule the time of sending the SMS to the desired number or the group. It allows you to set the date and the time at which the message is to be sent.


Option Cheetah

This page allows you to:

  • Here you can change the device port name
  • Select whether to auto reply to the received SMS
  • Check the outgoing SMS Status
  • Whether to receive SMS on the SMS Server
  • Select the duration when to check the for any new incoming SMS
  • Select whether to delete the incoming SMS or not.