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Domain Names

A domain name is an alias of an IP number, since IP numbers are hard to remember like, It is easy to remember by name. When you register a domain name you have a web address on world wide web, if you register then you will have an address like

Click here to Register your Domain nowAfter our executives contact you they will offer you an all-inclusive package , so you don’t have to worry about anything, everything will be done by us.

But in case you just want to register your domain name or you are contacting us online then , you should select a domain name that best suits your business i.e. a name which is easy to remember and which your clients can identify with.

The Ideal Choice would be but in case it is already registered then you should try for domain name such as, or something else that suits you best.

Domain name size and Characters Allowed

Domain name can be of maximum 67 characters, consisting of letter, numbers and (“-“) sign. The most commonly used Domain namesextensions are :

  • For Business , companies, commercial etc
  • For Organizations
  • For Network

Domain Name Registration Time

It takes 24-72 hours for a domain to materialize in the WHOIS database We will not be responsible for further delay .

Domain name Ownership

After registering the domain name you become the owner of it;

Changing domain name after registration

Domain name once registered cannot be changed, so the best way is to register a new domain.