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Content Management Systems

CMSA Content Management System is a Web Application used to manage the content of the Website, It aids the Website owner in easily updating content of the website, this involves changing text , pictures and in more advanced ones menus, pages , navigation and much more.

  • We offer two kinds of CMS to our customers


Simple CMS

CMSThis is an in-house inexpensive CMS system developed by us, with this CMS the content manager can easily change the content of the website, this includes making changes in text based content, photos and videos. An inhouse photogallery system can also be used as an addon with this CMS.


Advanced CMS

Advanced CMSWe harness the power of Open Source Projects such as WordPress, Joomla & Drupal and customize them to client’s needs. These are very power CMS and have many advantages such as Third Party Code in forms of Plugins, Extensions etc. It is basically used to fuel content rich sites , they aid in cost reduction and easier control over your website.