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ForumsForums are Web based applications. Creating a forum for discussion is a simple and practical way of sharing information and ideas. Whether you are looking for an effective way to improve customer service, or simply exchange ideas and opinions with other users. Forums are backed up by highly dedicated development and customer support teams, they strive to provide its communities with the very best of new technologies, without sacrificing ease-of-use and performance. Here there are certain topics of discussion set by the Administrator.

A forum has 2 views which include the visitor view and the Administrator view.

  1. Rss iconThe visitor view: Before entering the forum, he has to register himself in the forum and take permission from the Administrator to post his comments in the forum. Once the Administrator has given permission to the user to enter the forum, he can access the forum i.e. he can select any topic of discussion and post his views about that topic. He can even use the services of that forum.

  2. Administrator view: Where the Administrator selects the topics of discussion. He selects which user has to be allowed to access the forum and which comments of the users have to be kept available to all the users and which are to be discarded.

We at Antasoft Technologies with our experienced and creative team implement forums for our clients if demanded by them. We implemented forums for St Paul’s School, Gwalior at