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WordPress Overview

WordPress is an Open Source Web Software which is a powerful blogging and CMS (Content Management System) tool which is used to manage a website or a blog with high convenience.

WordPress software is divided into two parts wherein first is the ‘Front End’, which is the website – visible to every visitor and second is the ‘Back End’ which is the Admin Panel to manage and update the website or a blog. Managing a site with WordPress is very convenient and easy-to-manage. It is as simple as using a text editor software. You can manage your content in Posts or Pages where Posts can further be divided in various categories and Pages can further have a hierarchy of parent page etc. Each page can also have different templates (designs) and custom fields.

Additionally, the Admin Panel empowers the user to manage and update the website with no complications.

Wordpress is also very expandable. There exists an active community of WordPress Developers who provide additional functionality to WordPress in form of Plugins. For Ex: Google XML Sitemap plugin when installed automatically generates a XML sitemap for your site everyday without any efforts from your side.

Most of these plugins are available for Free. But some of them are Chargeable also.

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WordPress is also very customizable, it allows the changing of themes (i.e. Designs) on the fly, since the presentation layer is different from the database layer, your website content remains the same but the design changes instantly if you have a theme ready.

If you are looking for customized theme, Antasoft Technologies would develop it for you.

Facebook and Twitter integrates seemlessly with WordPress with different plugins. With the use of certain plugins such as All in One SEO Pack and XML Sitemaps, search engine optimization especially on-page optimization is almost automatically done.

WordPress is a great tool and with great content it makes the task of managing and publishing site a quick and easy method.